What We Do

We distribute fresh cut flowers at competitive production and logistics costs, assuring quality and consistency of our products, and superior service to our clients.


We Work Green

Environmentally Responsible, Sustainable, and Enterprising

Golden Flowers exemplifies being green by choosing environmentally responsible, sustainable and enterprising growers. “Being Green” is at the core of who we are as a company. Environmental initiatives are essential not only for success but most importantly for the greater well-being of the planet.

We work with farms that are certified by Florverde, a program created by the Colombian Association of Flower Exporters (ASOCOFLORES) in 1996 to better the social and environmental conditions of the Colombian Flower Industry.  Its process is certified by an independent 3rd party agency called SGS (Societe Generale de Surveillance).

SGS inspects and verifies that health, safety and regulatory standards are being met by qualifying farms.

The Florverde Program




Florverde®: Colombian Growers’ Commitment to our Workers and our Natural Resources Along with the assurance that the flowers have been grown in compliance with environmental standards, Florverde also pledges that high occupational health and safety standards are met. Florverde certified farms provide:

  • Continuous education and training programs that enable workers to experience personal growth. Courses available for employees at management, technical, supervisor and operator levels, allowing personnel opportunity for advancement.
  • On-site medical assistance and clean water, dinning room, hot meals, restrooms, and changing rooms.
  • Chemical risk prevention programs and ergonomic equipment designed to protect workers.
  • Provide workers with health insurance, disability and retirement benefits.
  • The average work week in member companies is 46.5 hours vs. the legal work week of 48 hours. The average wage of workers in member companies is 20% over the minimum legal wage.
  • Workers on Florverde-certified farms are required to be over 18 years old.
  • Half of Florverde companies have a Cooperative Work Association, similar, to credit unions, which allow workers to save a portion of their salary each month and receive small mortgage credits.
  • The farms also provide employees time for sports and recreational activities and offer housing assistance, education, family counseling and childcare facilities.

For more information please visit www.florverde.org

The Farms

The farms are located on the lush tropical hills of Colombia, where the magic begins. The richest soil, bathed by radiant light and abundant water, nurture the flowers to perfection. But nature is only enhanced by care and attention. The production is controlled under a process we have labeled “From seed to sale”. It begins at farm level by planning the flower production for an entire year.

This plan is developed based on sales forecast, customer input and collaboration with the world’s top breeders. Starter plants are grown under closely monitored environmental conditions and receive constant care from top agronomists, biologists, entomologists and chemists.

South America

U.S. Flower Consumption

The essential elements for a well produced flower include: high altitudes, proximity to the equator, predictable weather patterns, and good airports. Thus, it is no surprise Colombia and Ecuador represent the second and third largest supplier of fresh cut flowers to the United States after Holland.  Together, Colombia and Ecuador contribute about 70% of the United State’s total flower supply (domestic production plus all imports), with Colombia’s share at about 50% and Ecuador’s at 20%.


  • Flowers are Colombia’s No. 2 agricultural export, behind coffee.
  • More than 17,000 acres are devoted to flower production.


  • The U.S. receives nearly 75% of Ecuador’s flower exports.
  • More than 11,000 acres are devoted to flower production.

In addition, both of these countries’ flower industry represents an important percentage of the work force. Floriculture in Colombia accounts for 111,000 direct jobs and 94,000 jobs that depend on the industry; 60% of the direct jobs are held by women. In Ecuador, the flower industry accounts for 60,000 direct and 100,000 indirect jobs.


Our team closely monitors the entire process to ensure we deliver the highest quality flowers in accordance to our customers specifications.

Brilliant Simple Logistics:

  • Centralized process
  • Efficient communication
  • One flight
  • Effective handling and transportation
  • Tightly managed
  • We control the process
  • Guarantee the quality of our product

Miami Customer Service:

  • We assure double quantities during holidays.
  • Discounted prices on holiday prebooks for our Growers Program customers.
  • Earlier booking. As a Grower Program Partner you receive holiday prebook pricing before other customers.
  • Miami Quality Assurance. We assure the highest possible quality upon arrival to the U.S.
  • We handle the logistics so you don’t have to spend time managing customs paperwork or PQ inspections.

We encourage customers to know what we do best… we schedule regular customers visits to the farms in South America. Let us know when you want to go!

How We Do It

At Golden Flowers, we believe that relationships are built on mutual trust and understanding. Relationships flourish when we engage each other, share our destiny and control, and interact with honesty and integrity. We strive to know your business needs, and welcome the opportunity to align our offering with those needs.

We believe that growth and progress can only come through partnerships, and invite you to COME PARTNER FOR PROGRESS.

  • Empowerment
  • Tailored Solutions
  • Friendly Service
  • Smart Service
  • Authenticity
  • Expertise/know how

From Seed to Sale

The process begins at the farms where a yearly production plan is developed based on sales forecasts, customer input, and collaboration with the world’s top breeders. Mother plants are grown under closely monitored environmental conditions and receive constant care from top agronomists, biologists, entomologists, and chemists. After several weeks , the plants are transplanted to the production area, where they receive technical nurturing and ongoing care. Daily inspections determined which flowers will be harvested.

Once cut, the production is delivered to the post-harvest area, where they are graded according to customers’ specifications. The cut flowers receive special treatments to ensure proper hydration, and then they are packed and pre-cooled prior to shipment. Upon arrival, the shipments are inspected by Customs and the USDA, and are transported to our state of the art distribution center.

They are again pre-cooled and inspected by our Quality Assurance Team for freshness, cut and size. Inventories and shipments are tracked live, allowing our Sales Advisors to offer our customers accurate product availability and quality.

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