It’s been more than a month (?!) since we started working from home. By now, you’ve probably already read tips and articles about how to make this situation bearable and manageable. After these weeks, we’ve realized it’s not so easy and things don’t go as planned. We’re here to tell you to be easy on yourself, give yourself a break and remind you that you are not alone. There will be good days when you are productive and get things done and there will be days when you won’t want to do much and THAT’S OK!

These tips are what have worked best for us during these times. If you’re out of work during this time, please check out our industry and small business resource page for information that can be useful to you.

Set up a Work Only space

The number one recommendation we found from all the articles we read was to set up a space at home that is dedicated for working purposes only. If you haven’t done it already, we recommend you do this. Whether it’s a desk in the corner of your living room or even the dining room table—make sure you get out of bed and get your work-mode on.

Surround yourself with flowers

You might think this is a plug for our business/industry but we promise it’s not! According to a study done by Texas A&M University, men and women working in a flower-filled environment showed more innovative thinking. So, whether you order a bouquet or pick some flowers from the supermarket, put them around your work area. If you’re feeling tired or stressed, how about taking a 15-minute break to make a flower arrangement? It doesn’t matter whether you’re a pro or you have no idea what you’re doing, grab some flowers and get those creative juices flowing.

Establish a Routine

Like we said before, it’s ok to feel down and not 100% yourself but try to establish a routine, and do your best to stick to it! If you would work-out before going into the office, try to stick to that. Take your usual break for lunch and do everything you can to stop working around you the time you would get ready to go home. We know this is hard, but trust us—having a routine will help you have some sense of normalcy and can even motivate you to work more efficiently!

Take care of yourself

We totally get it, right now, most of our days are filled with some kind of anxiety and stress. Our brains are having a hard time taking a break from thinking. This is why it’s super important that you make time for yourself. Do some meditation or take a free yoga class on Instagram. If it’s possible and safe, go for a short walk and get some fresh air. Make sure you are eating healthy but also indulge in some comfort food if it will make you feel better. It’s important to listen to your body so drink lots of water and vitamin C and do all you can to rest! Stress has a way of creeping up on you, so make sure to get plenty of sleep.


Make time for activities that take your mind off of the current situation. Don’t read the news 24/7 and avoid toxic group chats that share false or inaccurate information. Watch movies, plan an at-home date night, read an entertaining book or even do a puzzle. Activities that help will help you destress are highly encouraged during this time!

These tips can also work perfectly for people that are currently not working. If you need a break—take it. If you want to work on a passion project—go for it! Use this time for YOU and remember to love yourself a little bit. We’re sending you lots of virtual flowers and hugs, hoping this helps make your days a little brighter!

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