We know we’re not alone when we say Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. Some people love it because of the copious amount of food (and the subsequent leftovers) and others are ready for hours and hours of football with friends and family. While we like a little combination of both, we get extremely excited at the endless possibilities we have when it comes to table settings, decorations and floral arrangements.

This year, with the help of our Mass Marketing Sales Advisor, Kareena Fonseca, we styled our perfect Thanksgiving celebration. And no, we could not leave out the fried yuca and platanitos, cause after all, this is Miami.

Kareena designed two 35 stem bouquets for our Thanksgiving feast featuring our November Rose of the Month, Ameli, a light peach variety with large blooms and a long vase life.

The idea behind using larger bouquets was to give us the freedom to pick apart, mix and match and play around with the different tones and varieties available. However, for those of you who have turkeys to cook, stuffing to prepare and simply don’t have time to get creative, these flower arrangements do the job on their own.

To create this long, short-stemmed arrangement, we used Crate and Barrel’s Brooklyn Long Vase, which gave the table full of thanksgiving classics a modern twist.

Use different sized multi-use mason jars as accent floral pieces for an added touch of texture to your bathroom or living area. You can find these here. 

If you have any extra flowers, incorporate them into your place settings. Place some into the napkin rings so that your guests can take them home after their meal!


Bronze Bouquet Recipe:

Ameli Roses

Timber Bronze Cushion Pompons

Prinz Bronze Cushion Pompons

Lexy Bronze Novelty Pompons

Natural Blue Eryngium

Tinted Orange Solidago

Red Leucadendron




Burgundy Bouquet Recipe:

Ameli Roses

Red (Burgundy) Cushion Pompons

Red (Burgundy) Novelty Pompons

Novelty Purple Mini Carnations

Peach Hypericum

Red Leucadendron



*Food provided by Oasis Cafe in Key Biscayne and Las Olas Cafe in Miami Beach

* Floral Sleeves by Temkin International

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