People tend to like what’s new and different, so we get it when our customers and our customers’ customers become totally enamored with novelty products. We understand the demand, it’s what’s in and what sells! We decided to showcase different flowers that we think stand out. Whether you’re looking for an accent floral touch for your bouquet or you want to create arrangements with just novelty flowers, we’ve got you covered! The beauty about these flowers is that they look great as a single stem or as a bunch so you can never go wrong!

We had a lot of fun creating this shoot. At first, we were just going to photograph the flowers in bunches but then we got a little creative and decided to make some arrangements!

Lately, we’ve been obsessed with having plenty and plenty of flowers all around! The more the merrier, right? So if you’re having a wedding, luncheon or birthday party, wow your guests with a floral display! Create the perfect excuse for this setting to be #InstaWorthy. Having loads of flowers in a specific area of your venue will allow everyone to take the perfect picture. Change up the height of the flowers depending on their variety for a wild, yet aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. We also recommend using different types of vases and buckets to create this look. Trust us on this one, everyone will love it!


The Novelty products we used for this shoot are: Scabiosa




Bells of Ireland

Delphinium Sea Waltz


Craspedias (Billy balls or Billy buttons)

Antique Hydrangeas (Super Select & Jumbo)

For more information on availability of any of these products, please contact your sales advisor at 1-800-333-9929 .

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