Last month, we announced our partnership with The Flower Children and Sukii, a Miami-based florist, and founder of this initiative. 

We were excited to work with children, help empower them, and create engaging virtual playdates for them! Since our partnership began, we have worked on planning these playdates and organizing and delivering the materials for each child. 

This past month we had our first-ever virtual floral workshop. It was a complete success thanks to Danielle Curry of Oli Flor, who hosted the workshop and donated her time and expertise to teach the children about floral arranging.

We started the workshop by giving the children an overview of the farms we work with. We talked about where the farms are located, the ideal growing conditions for flowers, and we highlighted the importance of buying flowers from farms that are environmentally certified and socially responsible. We gave examples of what that meant: irrigation systems that recycle water, soil improvement by organic composting, and reduction of chemical uses.

We believe these are lessons people can learn from, no matter the age. The more we teach our future generations about the background of our flowers, the more they will grow up to appreciate and understand all that it takes to get these flowers to them. It's also imperative to instill at a young age the notion that sustainability not only implies taking care of our planet but also taking care of people too.

Danielle took over after our introduction and taught the kids (and parents) how to create a beautiful arrangement using:
Lavender Roses
Earth-tone Carnations

She emphasized how she was there to guide them and that they could use their creativity to add flair and personality to their floral designs. It was a collaborative effort, one in which the children asked questions about floral textures, ways to arrange their flowers, and even care and handling tips. Danielle taught us how to clean our flowers and reflex our rose petals, something that the kids found "relaxing" and entertaining.

Once we were done, we asked them to "show and tell" their creations. We were so impressed with their interpretations and creativity. All the designs were unique and even more so the explanations.

After two hours with The Flower Children, our hearts were full, we felt thankful and hopeful. They are future leaders, they inspire us to keep going, and they deserve to be empowered. We are forever grateful to Sukii for allowing us to be a part of this wonderful program. We encourage you to get involved with organizations like this one in your local community. If you need assistance or would like to learn more about The Flower Children and ways you can get involved, email us at, we'd be happy to hear from you! Make sure to follow their journey on Instagram as well! 

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